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If You Wanna Fuck Up

This is something I have to do. (Document Mountain Top Removal, an extremely problematic form of coal extraction, and the people it effects.)

These guys are my imaginary friends.

Because real people are so often disappointing.

This came up in a game of Apples to Apples, and I thought it was hilarious.

There's so many people who shouldn't be in art school and I am losing patience with them. They are wasting their time and mine. There are so many who pass through the halls and classes like zombies, completing projects without thought of larger ideas and connections between classes, between media. Their eyes are fixated perhaps on a meaningless degree, or more often at the ground, which they do not walk upon but shuffle across, mumbling the things their parents once said about success. I'm getting sick of class structures and grading scales, test taking and project making. At this point, I know what the fuck I'm doing - I really just need to use your expensive printer and get some decent feedback from the folks who give a shit about all this. This isn't how it always was, you know. There was some idealism in the creation of Art Schools, and the stories I've read are so beautiful, so impossible to imagine these days (except that they still happen in small instances). I'm not quitting, but I'm putting some blinders on, focusing on what I need to do and ignoring all the bullshit surrounding me. I'm here to get shit done. What's your purpose?
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