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About The Birds And The Bees

I feel so acutely today
I love you pornstar, I love you New Order

I love you Roland Barthes,
I love you Kafka

I love you Bob Dylan and Avey Tare
I love you small paper notebook

I love you slide quiz
And I love you voice mail

I love you everything
I love you page numbers

I surge, I wrestle, violently free
I am imprisoned, no struggle, so deliciously envious

I am uncontained, vociferous
Indelible and courageous

Beams cutting straight through leaves,
The light, like messages, left singing

The blinds are shut, I cannot see
I cannot count the change in my pocket

I write their words, I speak them aloud
I find, I find, in kind, I'm blind

A bass line, your howls, so clean
I've lost the piano
I've gained your release

I cannot tell you mirror, I cannot help but pose
I cannot tell you notebook, I cannot help but scribble

I would tell you whole world, I would
I would speak it slowly to every ear

I would tell you father, you might listen mother
I would scream it sisters, I would decieve you grandmother

This is what cannot be seen, a light behind unblinking eyes
This dream, this nothing, this beauty, this refuse

I'm collected, disorganized
Unprotected, unsatisfied

There is no faith to see through, no love to dismiss
Unrequited and sated, only let your legs go numb

The words fall off the pages, the sounds drip from my lips
Fall from my eyes, my promises, my proclamations

I release you,
I believe you
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